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Steel Pier Foundation Repair

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Steel pier foundation repair is our preferred method in most cases. Each structure is different and may require other foundation repair methods.


There are two types of steel piers in common usage for foundation repair that stand out as the best methods for most foundation repairs:


Straight Steel Piers

Helical Steel Piers



Why are Steel Piers the Best Foundation Repair Method?


Straight steel and helical steel piers are consistently installed deeper than concrete piers and provide excellent long-term stability.


Straight Steel Piers are driven to an average depth of 22 feet and may extend to a depth of 70 feet, providing exceptional support on a rigid base. In the sketch below, steel piers are driven until they rest upon weathered shale or bedrock. Contrast this with pressed concrete, driven to an average depth of 10 feet and seldom extending to either weathered shale or bedrock.


Steel piers are made of high carbon tubular steel. The same steel driven to depths of 5000 – 10000 feet in oil fields. Granite steel is installed in five-foot lengths, connected by 12 inch inserts. A small 12 x 18 inch hole is required, as contrasted with concrete pilings or poured concrete piers, requiring a 24 x 24 inch hole.


After a steel pier drive is completed, the foundation is leveled and supported with a steel bracket. Installation time and landscape disruption is minimal.

Straight Steel Piers

Steel piers in Dallas Ft Worth are driven to rock.


Straight steel piers provide excellent foundation support as they are driven to bedrock or weathered shale.

Helical Steel Piers

Helical steel piers provide excellent foundation repair underpinning.

Helical Steel Piers are augered into the ground to weathered shale, bedrock, or a depth greater than 15 feet. The pier consists of one or more helical (spiral) plates welded to the end of straight steel. Pressure to the foundation is only applied when the foundation is leveled and supported with a steel bracket. Landscape disruption is minimal.


Helical steel piers are ideal for providing lift in concrete foundations that have inadequate beams. Additionally, helical piers are excellent for foundation repair of lightweight foundations including additions and pier and beam foundations.

Steel Pier Drawing courtesy Granite Foundation Repair

Helical Pier Drawing by Granite Foundation Repair.

Why don’t more companies offer straight steel and helical steel piers as a foundation repair option?


There is a significantly higher cost for equipment to install steel piers compared to pressed concrete or poured concrete, unless the steel piers are installed in one-foot long interlocking sections. We prefer five-foot sections for stability.   Also, the cost of material, the steel and steel brackets is higher for steel piers than pressed concrete or poured concrete foundation repair systems.


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